Our First Fastest Cakes Radio Jingle Is Out!

As a company, we love to test new things.

We are proud to have “many firsts” for a cake brand.

Here are some:

  • First to focus just on delivery and build a complete logistics department
  • First to purchase a dedicated fleet of vehicles just for cake delivery
  • First to sign celebrity influencers to build brand awareness

You can also read about our experience setting up our first billboard ad here.

Why Radio?

We did some research. We found out that there is a strong relationship between radio ads and perceived brand credibility. People believe that for you to take the effort to publicize on radio stations, you must be sure your product and offer are tested and trusted.

We felt we ticked those boxes, after all, we have delivered well over 40,000 cakes in just over 2 years, and 70-80% of them are delivered on time.

Our Choice of Radio Stations

This week, our first jingle will air on two radio stations four times between 6 and 8 am:

  • Nigerian Info 99.3
  • Traffic Radio 96.1

We chose those two stations after asking staff extensively about what radio stations they listen to on their way to work.

Nigerian Info is home to many talk shows, and that works to spice up a boring morning commute. Traffic radio, on the other hand, is used by many drivers to find the best routes to beat the infamous Lagos traffic.

What We Are Trying to Promote (and a Discount for You)

When we started operations, we were very conscious to make the buying experience very personal. So, we disabled the self-service feature of our website. If you’ve been a customer long enough, you’ll realize that we take almost all our orders on Whatsapp and Instagram.

Now, things are different. We have thousands of customers and process thousands of orders monthly. It is not practical to have personal chats to process every single order we take, so we have revamped and improved our website.

Our website can now accommodate:

  • Self-service and product sorting
  • You can upload photos you wish to place on cakes
  • Order for same-day delivery to any parts of Lagos
  • A uniform delivery fee of just 1,000 Naira to any location in Lagos
  • Store your addresses securely, to avoid having to type it afresh each time you need a cake
  • Secure online payment system, powered by Paystack
  • Order tracking (we will announce a revamped tracking system very soon)

We want you to actually test our new self-service feature on our website and give us feedback (good or bad) about the ordering process. So, we are giving you a discount of N1,500 if you order between today and the end of October 2022.

This is the discount code: EFPA7U6Y

To use, enter it after selecting any cake you want on our website here.

Take a Listen to the Jingle and Rate the Ad

We hope to run the advert continuously for as long as possible. You can listen to the jingle below and tell us what you think.

So, tell us what you think about the above jingle in the comments section below.

What do you like the most about it?

Did we choose the right radio stations to advertise on?

By the way, our leadership team came up with the script, while an awesome voice-over artist brought it to life.

Remember to watch out for the jingle in the above stations starting tomorrow.

70 thoughts on “Our First Fastest Cakes Radio Jingle Is Out!”

  1. I like the advert. It’s relevant and relates to what fastest cakes is all about.

    However, I think for middle aged clients like me, you can consider adding Classic FM & Lagos Talks to the radio stations.

    My very best regards & here’s wishing you great success in launch of the radio adverts.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Thank you, Beekay. We had classic FM as a major option, we hope to add that to our radio stations very soon.

  2. Odeyemi Oluwatobi

    In the jingle, affordability and delivery system was emphasised without any mention of taste and outlook of your cakes. I think it will be nice to have all the messages passed.
    In between I think you need to pay more attention to the way it is delivered. Cos I’ve had a broken or should I say collapsed cake delivered to me before. The cake moved from the centre of the board to one side. I complained at that time and your team apologised. Just thought to mention for better services

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Thank you Oluwatobi for your sincere feedback. We are always improving our services, I am glad our team was responsive. We have a policy of changing your cake completely free, if a driver damages it. We assure you of our commitment to improving everyday.

    2. This is a good one.
      Thanks for writing to us only when it is needed and not those who bombard their clients with emails daily. Also, the jingle is good, well done fastest cakes, you are doing well

      1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

        Thank you, Sally. We hate spammy emails, we only write to our customers when we have an important update. We are also happy you love the jingle.

    3. Although I’ve had only one experience with Fastest cakes still I’ll rate 5stars because what I ordered was perfectly delivered. The exact picture and design, taste was just as I imagined and craved for, good customer service etc.. However, I really wish they had a training class for people who are passionate about baking cos they’re good at what dey do. The cakes speaks pro. I see it as a way of giving back to the community.

      1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

        Thats’s good feedback. We once had plans for a training school, but somehow, we haven’t yet prioritised it. We might just give it another thought. Thanks for the nice words.

  3. This is succinct and passes the message clearly.

    I guess the goal of the campaign is an increase in awareness and website visits, and this ad aims at achieving that goal perfectly.

    You can also target stations that are focused on love, and relationships, study their program and choose to air the ad during that time so you will be sure it speaks to your direct target.

    P.S: I love what you are doing with your brand, I’m a fan.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      This is a very helpful and insightful comment, Victor. Trust me, we are already considering your suggestions. If you know some of these programs, kindly let us know. It will go a long way. Thank you.

  4. This is really nice, I love it a lot.
    I enjoy listening to the jingle
    Go!!! Go!!!! Fastestcakes
    The best cake

  5. Nice ad, but I think a very critical piece is missing. I fell in love with you guys when on a Sunday I just remembered that I had to deliver cake to a friend as that day was her birthday. Typically no cake shop opens on Sundays let alone talk of delivering that Sunday. That was where you guys saved the day. So I think you should have added something like” ah and today na Sunday o, nowhere way I go see cake buy o, I am doomed”, then the friend starts to tell him about you guys same day request and same day delivery, everyday of the week. I think that’s a key selling point for you guys, make a request same-day and get it delivered same day even if it’s a SUNDAY.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Wow! Now, I feel we should redo the ad. Very brilliant idea, we will try to implement your suggestions in our next set of adverts. So glad we have very intelligent customers like you. Cheers.

  6. Nice jingle.

    Kindly air it on Lagos Talks FM cos that’s the best listened to radio station in Lagos.

    Also make mention of the varieties of flavors available in your advert.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Hi Tess, we have been hearing of Lagos Talks for a while, we will definitely consider adding more stations very soon. Thank you for the idea. As for flavours, we had only 45 seconds to pass our message, so we picked the most important pain point: urgent cakes.

  7. Akintunde ololade

    what a beautiful advertπŸ₯°…i wish you success in all your endeavours… keep being the “fastest” that you are..πŸ’ͺ

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Thank you for the kind wishes, we are absolutely excited about the jingle, we hope it gives us more brand awareness.

  8. David Attah (DazaVoice)

    This is amazing… Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours…. Go fastestcakes πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Thank you for supporting us with your voice, we look forward to working with you again and again!

  9. I think the friend in the advert should add that your company has been saving him from similar situations for some years now.
    I found your company online last year and I have never had cause for regret, even after you guys rebranded, you have still been on point.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Thank you, Chika, we are so happy to have helped. Words like these motivate us to do more!

  10. I love it and this is so true!!! I however do not listen to the radio much so I’m probably not a member of your target audience. I however search online when I need stuff and that is how I came across you guys when you were still named 93treats.
    Amazing quick service. You guys have never disappointed me once! The service staff are quite professional and now even call to remind you to place a repeat order if you forget!
    Keep up the good work guys!!

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      How beautiful! Thanks for being a loyal customer for years, people like you are the reason we are encouraged to do more. Thank you, Cobi.

  11. The advert is well put together and most importantly, you said exactly what you are. You have quality and delivers timely. Having this jingle on all radio stations won’t be a bad idea. Greater you always my wish.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Thank you, comfort! We are happy you like it. We were deliberate about the message we wanted to share. We also hope to expand the number of radio stations we are working with. Thanks again.

  12. Hello, nice advert. However, I think good quality, delicious taste, beautiful design, etc. should have also been mentioned not just affordability and timeliness to give the brand a 360 degree package.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      This is so true, we will try to look into this. The radio ad had a 45 second limit, so we didn’t want to add all the goodies our service comes with πŸ™‚

  13. Appropriate jingle for what fastest cakes stand for. You guys have always kept to your promise of fastest delivery and delicious cakes. Keep it up.

  14. Nice advert, its done in a language everyone can relate with.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘hope it reaches out to more customers.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Yesso, we felt using pidgin will resonate more with everyone in Lagos. Thanks for the nice words.

  15. Niceeeeeee…..my exact review was the jingle cz it happened to me and Fastest Cake worked it for me faster than even agreed time. Thank you

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      That’s so nice to hear, Babatunde. Reviews like these make us very encouraged to do more.

  16. My favorite cake plug.. No one does it better. The jingle passes the message across very well. God choice of radio stations also.

  17. Smart!!
    Just as the brand name entail; “fastest” πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
    Fast, affordable and of course reliable 😊

  18. Margaret Oyeniyi

    The ad is good, but a bit more information on the taste of cake and presentation of it. For me personally your company is my number one choice. The taste is great and fantastic response when it comes to last minute bookings. I am new in Nigeria so i don’t know of any radio station to suggest. All the best with more future success.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Hi Margaret, your comment is so so encouraging. We are happy you have chosen to stick with us, we assure you of our commitment to excellent service.

  19. Benjamin Aletofa

    Thanks, you guys are doing wonderfully well. I will love to continue to patronize you. Truly appreciated and also you are customer service friendly

  20. I heard the advert this morning on my way to work, its really cool. Well done and keep up the good work @Fastest cakes.

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      Hi Adeola, please, do you mind telling us what station you heard it on? We are so excited!πŸ’ƒπŸ½

    1. Fastest Cakes Customer Success

      That’s a good idea, Ugonna. Happy you love it. Soundcity is certainly a good station. Let’s hope we can include it in our list of stations.

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